Less than 6 Months to prepare

less than 6 months to prepare

Single touch payroll is coming to small companies of under 20 employees on 1 July 2019.

So. What will that mean to you? Should you be worried?

No. See it as an opportunity to embrace some of the technology you have been hearing about.

If, like many of you are, Xero is your preferred software for keeping your accounting records straight, you already have access to a compliant payroll.

This really is not the big scary monster that you might be thinking it is! A couple of hours of guidance from a trusted advisor should see you confident and competent and if you still do not like the idea, you can always pay someone to take on JUST payroll.

Remember that reducing pay frequency from weekly to monthly will save you BIG.

We are here to help, should you just want to talk through the options. 08 6141 3371

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Colin Spooner

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